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We also have shed assembly experts available in the Lifetime Customer Service department who will be happy to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise along the way. If there's a possibility that you may want to extend your shed in the future, you may want to make your original foundation big enough to accommodate this extension later on down the road. for example) in the shed the floor is no longer level and the doors are no longer level and true and will not close until adjusted. Putting a plastic shed together can be tricky if all the parts don’t line up. You can also find those dimensions on under the "Footprint" in the Specs table. If you find that the platform does not rest level on the ground, build up the low points with loose dirt until it is stable. clear. LIFETIME SHED ASSEMBLY VIDEO This report about the Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed answers these questions • Does the shed … This gave me a good head start and made me realize that proper planning and being familiar with the assembly details would practically eliminate the famous "if I had to do it again". (Of course, it would still be possible to create a foundation for the extension later; it would just be more convenient to do it all at once.). If you need help resetting your password please email or call us at 1-800-424-3865 Opt. A storage shed assembly will include using the manufacturer’s recommended method. The other problem is that whenever you put something relatively heavy (25 lbs. The Owner's Manuals make this project as easy as possible by giving you step-by-step instructions accompanied by illustrations. The instructions are clear and precise, making it easy to assemble. If you need help resetting your password please email or call us at 1-800-424-3865 Opt. Typically, the surface used by most customers is a … 1 x Lifetime 7x7 Shed. They are easy to assemble, and can be assembled relatively quickly. Browse our large selection of Lifetime outdoor storage sheds at our online Lifetime store. t crack or degrade outdoors. You can put together a Lifetime shed very fast if you put your mind to it, and work hard at it. If it’s not installed properly, the doors can be lopsided or won’t close properly. Lifetime All of our sheds are made in the USA, ® our back that quality up by o ff ering the best erything on the shed… top to bo 4 om! Hopefully, this helps in judging your assembly time for your Lifetime shed. ShelterLogic 6' x 6' Shed-in-a-Box All Season Steel Metal Peak Roof Outdoor Storage Shed with Waterproof Cover and Heavy Duty Reusable Auger Anchors, Grey 4.3 out of 5 stars 875 $146.38 $ 146 . It took us 3 and 1/2 days to assemble with 2 people in summer heat (lots of breaks). You can reach our sales team at 1-866-308-5484 for assistance with your purchase. Purchase one to help clear out your garage and organize your stuff. Plywood should be cut into sizes as per instructions in the Owner's Manual and nailed onto the wooden frame. By name Z-A. Your maintenance problems regarding the constant upkeep of your wooden shed sounds like the process I went through before demanding an escape route due to the yearly hassles. Clear all . This is the best option and the one we most strongly recommend• A wooden platform won't support as much weight as the concrete, but will perform satisfactorily for a lawnmower and other equipment in that weight range, IMPORTANT! Regardless of which of these foundations you choose to suit your purposes, if the surface is not properly leveled, your Lifetime Shed will not assemble correctly, which could result in the doors not opening and closing properly and possible gaps that could allow leaking. We have the comunications equipment housed in a 8 x 12.5 Lifetime shed which is guyed with 4 cables to ground anchors along each side (60 to 70 MPH winds are common there) The Lifetime shed came through without a scratch even though a wooden fence surrounding it was totally destroyed with 6 inch posts snapped off at ground level. Lifetime was good separating screws and nuts in bags by step ID but the actual shed pieces (and there are a lot of them) not at all. By name A-Z. 1. Easy Returns. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Thank you for your comments. Then you can place the shed platform in the desired location. The shed installation must be supported underneath by a rigid surface that can support the weight of the shed and the contents of the shed. Average assembly time for this shed is approximately 8 to 10 hours (Two or more people recommended for assembly). The Owner's Manual will include how-to instructions on building a proper foundation for your Lifetime shed. Assembly can be tricky. Resin too was my choice as it’s effortless to keep maintaining the pristine finish. That shed looks so easy to build! Number of results {count} Sort Please Select Newest. Compatibility x. x. Lifetime Plastic garden Storage are the ultimate when it comes to outdoor storage solutions, built to last, stunning appearance and easy to assemble. ★★★★★ A Lifetime 6405 Outdoor Storage Shed review will not answer these 24 questions. We purchased a 12 x 8 ft polyethylene Lifetime product outdoor shed. OPTION #2 - A WOODEN PLATFORM:  (Note* All lumber must be rated for outdoor use)You will need to build the outside frame to specifications in the Owners Manual for your shed model. 4. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! The following promotional codes were removed from the cart: ©2021 Lifetime Products, All Rights Reserved,,, sdk.environment=production;sdk.charset=UTF-8;api.endpoint=;sdk.account=f00000000107743;sdk.connectTimeout=2000;sdk.socketTimeout=2000;sdk.crawlerConnectTimeout=10000;sdk.crawlerSocketTimeout=10000;whitelist.parameter.list=ixf;flat.file=true;sdk.proxyPort=0;sdk.proxyProtocol=http;crawler.useragents=google|bingbot|msnbot|slurp|duckduckbot|baiduspider|yandexbot|sogou|exabot|facebot|ia_archiver;forcedirectapi.parameter.list=ixf-api|ixf. Storage space can be a problem, let the Suncast resin storage shed be your solution. Also, some residential areas may have CC&R's that restrict things like the types or heights of sheds that can be built. Bear in mind that many Lifetime shed models are compatible with shed extension kits. Also, some HOA have very strict requirements regarding the size, color, and material of any outdoor buildings you may want to build, so you'll want to make sure you're good to go before investing your time and money. This medium sized 7 ft. x 7 ft. shed offers a spacious capacity and wide double doors with windows, allowing you to move and store oversized items with ease. Type x. Some steps could even be done concurrently to help speed up construction. You may also pour the soapy water directly onto the furniture if needed. This included building the foundation. Thanks for calling in and reading about these various 7×7 ft quality plastic sheds. With Lifetime sheds, you not only get a heavy duty outdoor storage building, you get an attractive garden shed that will complement your yard. Copyright var date = new Date(); document.write(date.getFullYear()) Competitive Edge Products, Inc sold by Competitive Edge Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The quality of the material was excellent and it had a good mix of resin and metal parts. When assembling the trusts for the roof they have lots of metals beams that look similar but they could not take the time to place a sticker with it's part id#. They can be contacted at 1 800 225 3865 ex.3, or by emailing All foundations should be built above ground in order to avoid water pooling inside the shed. OPTION #1 - A CONCRETE SLAB:The foundation for your shed will be a little bigger than the shed itself, so keep this in mind when selecting your site. We also recommend that you drill three evenly spaced 1/2" drain holes into plywood between each 2x4 joist. Rinse with clean water, and then blot with a damp lint-free towel to dry it off. If you have lots of snow in your area you should purchase the lifetime snow load kit which will help secure your shed and make it much stronger. Filter. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available …read more […]. Wipe down the furniture with the cloth and soapy water. Then you will nail the 2” x 4” boards on the inside of the frame. Which is pretty standard when it comes to sheds. Box Contains. Do you plan to use it just to store garden tools and fertilizer? Resin Sheds. For your convenience, all Lifetime shed instructions are available in an online Owner's Manual for you to preview. 38 $179.99 $179.99 Consider the following options: • A concrete slab will support the most weight and provide the best long-term performance. There are two foundations we recommend and the one that will work best for you depends on how you plan to use your shed. Processing & Shipping Information. Or will you be storing your riding lawnmower or ATV in there? Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Also, additional hands would speed the process up by having more people available to place the panels and fasten the hardware. The floors of Lifetime plastic sheds are 3/4-inch thick. These plastic sheds have double-lined shed wall panels with steel reinforcements and roof trusses. They are not sufficiently strong to bear weight. First and foremost, before preparing a foundation for your Lifetime shed, check with your city office to see if you will need a building permit. Regardless of which of these foundations you choose to suit your purposes, if the surface is not properly leveled, your Lifetime Shed will not assemble correctly, which could result in the doors not opening and closing properly and possible gaps that could allow leaking. The outdoor storage shed is constructed of blow molded resin that is both durable and strong. Soak a lint-free cloth in a mixture of a mild dishwashing soap and warm water. 1. Low Price Guarantee, Lifetime Swing Sets, Playsets & Playground Equipment, Lifetime Sheds - 60086 8 x 12.5 Foot Plastic Storage Shed, Lifetime 8 X 6.5 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed 60147A (Previously 60179), 6405 Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed Sentinel 8 X 10 Ft, Lifetime Shed - 6406 8 Ft X 5 Ft Outdoor Plastic Storage Sheds, Lifetime Shed 6411 8 x 7.5 Plastic Outdoor Storage Building, Lifetime Shed 6414 11 x 3.5 ft Resin Plastic Storage Shed, Lifetime Sheds 6433 11 X 11 Foot Outdoor Storage Building, Comparing Lifetime's Dome Climbers Jungle Gyms, Comparing Spalding Backboard and Brackets Compatibility, Kodiak Lodge Stove Tent 6170 Winter Update Blog, Now Accepting Apple Pay at Competitive Edge Products, Inc, Competitive Edge Products Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2016. I was going to pay a big box store to deliver one and assemble it for me but now I think I'm ordering from you guys and building it myself. Also, when placing the shed, keep it out of extreme weather such as direct sun in heat waves. To sum it all up, you’ve all heard that any structure is only as good as its foundation, so the proper installation of your Lifetime shed foundation is not to be underestimated. Storage Sheds (6418) Lifetime 8x5 Storage Shed (60014) Lifetime 7x7 Storage Shed (60042) Lifetime 7x7 Storage Shed w/2 Windows (6411) Lifetime 8x7.5 Storage Shed (6405) Lifetime 8x10 Storage Shed (6402) Lifetime 8x12.5 Storage Shed (60005) Lifetime Garden Shed 10 x 8 w/ Side Entry (6446) Lifetime Garden Shed 15 x 8 w/ Side Entry Products. […] From beginning to end, the assembly of an 8×15 Lifetime storage shed took two men 9 hours to build. The floor covering for a Lifetime shed is integrated polyethylene panels which need enough support below to avoid movement in the panels and adequately support the contents of your shed. Expert Service. Tips for your shed: The shed is strong, but as only as strong as the base. Shop a huge online selection at Clear all . * Helpful hints: Sometimes our customers want to put a Lifetime shed in a very limited space (i.e between two walls). All of which makes Lifetime sheds a durable storage solution for a minimum warranty period of 10 years. The design and All of our exposed ethylene plastic. ethylene parts. Lifetime sheds are great for any backyard. Highest rated. Lifetime sheds are great for your yard. The frame should be squared by measuring from corner to corner diagonally to make sure that the distance is equal from corner to corner. Smaller sheds will definitely drop assembly time greatly. Tip – Plastic sheds must be installed on a flat, level foundation. (Please see the instruction manual for information on the warranty) Having heard of others circumstances dealing with the company, the customer service at Lifetime is quite good, and queries are answered promptly. Apply. visibility_off Hide filters tune Show Filters. Type x. 1. If you need help resetting your password please email or call us at 1-800-424-3865 Opt. The online Owner's Manual will also tell you exactly how much concrete you will need for your particular shed model. Page 1 04/21/2008 ® VISIT THE LIFETIME WEB SITE: WWW.LIFETIME.COM ** Do Not Contact the Store ** For Assistance, including missing or broken parts, Call Customer Service at: 1 (800) 225-3865 30” Shed Extension Kit 11’ Sheds MODEL #0125 ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS AND OWNER’S MANUAL...; Page 2: Before Beginning Assembly **A MINIMUM OF TWO ADULTS ARE REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY** … arrow_upward. This requires continued application of shims under certain areas of floor (per Lifetime instructions). The amount of weight you will be putting on the floor will determine which foundation you should go with. If you are purchasing an Arrow shed view the Arrow Shed Assembly Tips.For any shed installation, first be sure to check local building codes for any restrictions related to installing an outdoor structure or to see if a building permit is required. Ideally, there should be at least 3 ft around the perimeter of the shed in which to work on the outside walls, but in a tight squeeze we suggest that you and your assistants assemble the shed in front of the desired site and then lift it (with a person supporting each corner) and slide it onto the prepared foundation. Compatibility x. x. Shop great deals on Lifetime Garden & Storage Sheds. It looks like some tools and a six pack of beer and I'll be finished in no time! I downloaded the full manual (with written instructions) from the Lifetime website and watched a YouTube video "Building Our Lifetime Shed" after ordering the shed. Volume Discounts. Refer to the online Owner's Manual for your shed model for the exact dimensions for your concrete slab. The connecting screws were also metal, so had strength. Your account has been created. Thank you. A pro can complete storage shed assembly quickly, because a storage shed assembly pro will have the right tools and experience to assemble your storage shed. All of our sheds come with the best warranty in the business, a limited 10-year Warranty that covers everything – top to bottom.

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