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WHY SHIN SEKYUNG ALWAYS PLAYED WITH MY HUBBY -_-. (two thumbs up). <3, heya Jun 08 2015 6:58 am I gonna try watching this drama afetr Hyde Jeckyll Me ends. Unlike other dramas or movies that only have 'branding' on the title as additional features for the story. To all those who doubted SSK, like I did before, pls. Yoochun is the best, Sorry if my English is bad, because the use of Google Translate. Anna Park Mar 07 2015 10:24 pm I really love this couple. ...... Jane May 20 2015 7:38 pm "And since I like to talk about the positives, let's talk about why the Murim couple works. There were times that I found SSK lacking but she was able to make it up on other scenes. . We need love, and these two have it plenty" Actually She made it superb! Can't wait this drama. What do you mean? Ssk fighting, I like this drama , I want to enjoy wathing. Thank u. sigh May 05 2015 12:24 am The soundtracks are amazing, though. SBC Mar 26 2015 9:12 pm Since then he has lost his senses. why people still hate shin se kyung not a fan of her but her acting in here is great i feel her character is real..just move on from her bad previous drama and continue to life.are you not exhausted criticsm people? And just my taste, not every drama should be full of romances, sometimes I just sick of romance. First time ever that i was in love with the bad guy in Korean dramas. When he fell off that building and the other characters were looking at his dead body, all I could feel was pity. Korea fan Aug 05 2016 8:32 am All the casts are awesome. The writer obviously make the murderer smarter than the detectives. yoochun oppa.i really like ur drama,this is a very good drama.shin se kyung doing a great work.i really fall in love with chef also.he is so of the great dramas. Shin Se-kyung acting in tazza 2 wasn't that bad I hope this drama story will stay exciting not like HJ&M it was good at first then the episode dragged by kidnapping and all that. Nevertheless, both of them... they did justice on their characters. Daebak! This happens in real life though. A girl miraculously survived the "Bar code" murder case. Rouge Apr 02 2015 10:17 pm I thought that after the kiss in Choi Moo-Gak's house they will become an official couple. Though they dont have those extravagant romance but I seriously love those little things they do such as the way ChoRim hug Mogak while they're walking, MoGak's random comedic-on-the-go. It is amazing and hope it get success. If not for the merry character of Shin Se-Kyung, the series would simply collapse. What a great combination! And, how stupidly Detective Oh trusted Chef Kwon instead of the police, simply share everything about the chainmurder but wanted to protect Cho Rim, huh? She is in Tazza 2 also, I hope she doesn't ruin it too with her acting. They also have a positive relationship from the start. And the super smart detective does not see his phone being hacked right in his face?!?!? She has also gained the unique ability to "see" smells as visible colors and shapes, and can even trace where people have been because their lingering scents are like a trail. Can he fly or something? I know she has a capacity . When Cho-rim is certain that Jae-hae is guilty just cause some people said he was, not even giving him the benefit of the doubt after how kind and trusting he was towards her.. that pissed me off so much.. whats worse is that she then teamed up with the asshat that is Moo-Gak and abuses Jae-Haes trust and yet Jae-Haes supposed to be the bad guy.. Lol~~~ so cute couple...... asiat Jan 26 2016 6:32 pm I think her previous drama ex:blade man is the problem.. worse episode (14) for me, R Firdyan May 16 2015 4:18 am to her haters give her a chance she is really trying her best and i think she deserve to be praise now.. kingoffing Mar 16 2015 1:59 pm And yoochun, please stop choosing detective characters. I had a high anticipation on this drama since Yoochun did good in Missing You & Sea Fog.. Well for Shin Se Kyung is... She's not that bad of an actress in Blade Man so i just hope she'll nail it this time, vie Mar 09 2015 2:52 pm Great drama! @boo : you suit your name ba(bo). Hopefully, she does a better job this time. @krishanne I'm here to clear your confusion. Don't mind haters, u are sexy and beutiful , they envy u.. Hahah a belatttt, Ssk Apr 02 2015 2:41 am Isuri_SL Jul 30 2016 10:30 am nato May 15 2015 11:48 pm !! Also i like korean way of twisting the plot. I hate you, why should you became the lead role! they didnt cover there nose. Lei Ra Jun 30 2015 2:53 am Sorry for say this, but i'm out of this drama already. @Lau--- I also thought the same way because of the seaweed soup. I watch this drama because of her!! i was really trying to keep an open mind watching this drama because i love the premise of the story and i love Park Yoochun (and Namgung Min is so HOT) but really, im getting tired of it. sigh Apr 30 2015 3:32 am i suggest Jeon Ji Hyun for the leading lady of Park yoo chun. Yoo eun hye & kim hyun joon . With Yoo-chun Park, Shin Se-Kyung, Jin-Seo Yoon, Min Namkoong. Can't wait for the next episode & to see more of Shin Se Kyung's acting, all the best unni! I think that's why he chose victims very different from one another - he wanted some diverse stories. am i the only that feels bad for DR.Baek-Gyeong?? I lovely shin se kyung. … I'd say it was a fine drama, it was quite thrilling and interesting but the last 2 episodes weren't so good. She is synesthesic, He is analgesic --and He doesn't has peripheral vision...;)--, the killer is prosopagnosic, and the police...stupid!!! in fact, taekyung and bowon in 3 days made me more like an in-loved highschool girl than this. I stop watching Blade Man because of her. I still enjoyed watching as I wanted to know what happened and finished it until the end. noy Mar 02 2015 1:26 am Yeah I wanted to know more about the chef's past but hey we cool. . Urggghh, Eun Jung Mar 28 2015 5:45 pm I liked the idea about the comedy troupe, but saddened by the lack of effort to develop it more into the storyline. Yatie May 09 2015 3:32 am If you are only looking for a romantic story well you can give it a try. The only thing that I like about this drama is the bar code murder case, the rest is too plain. ...i really dont care who will be the lead famale....i just wanna watching yoo chun...we support you...all my friends love you too... melisa ho Mar 03 2015 6:51 am Once he was talking to Yeom Mi and he got really mad what she asked if he had been abused as a child. Even Detective Ki is with Shivanova. Lol Apr 19 2015 12:47 am :), DreamHigh Apr 04 2015 1:01 pm @exopoy the guy who played Andy is Kim Min Chan.He is in Misaeng & Angel Eyes also. Can't wait to see the next episode. i'm a die-hard yoochun fan and yoochun drama fan and i feel that i'm supposed to be squealing, fluttering and feeling in-love with mu gak-eun sol since this is supposedly a romantic comedy drama but why don't i see that they give that feeling? jiji Mar 24 2015 11:30 pm dadz Apr 01 2015 7:47 am I liked the drama mostly because of him. It is a good one . I'm still curious why chef Kwon became a killer, why he killed Eun Seol's parents, why he killed her girlfriend and more. Unless if you feel bothered by mysteries, this one's not for you. Panda May 21 2015 1:58 am See Inside Sandra Lee’s New York Estate That 'Smells Like Cookies and Feels Like Heaven' their romantic scene keeps giving me butterflies in my stomach! They will matched well, daisy Feb 23 2015 11:42 am Coconut Feb 17 2018 9:24 pm I think the one who played Chef Kwon, he is the best actor here. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED! I don't hate Sekyung. I’m not a fan of rom-coms or romance (probably like most guys out there) but when I see … I'm gonna miss this drama and MuRim Couple :'(, beginNING May 20 2015 8:21 pm Banyak genre Drama yang bisa Anda tonton dan nikmati untuk menghibur diri. and i enjoyed it. @pete, I'm really agree with u, one of shitty drama I've watch. like i said a very good drama!!!! P Mar 26 2015 9:37 am @Jenn .. ever heard the word GPS? Lydia Feb 25 2015 8:03 pm The romantic interaction between these 2 is just so bland. Joey Jun 16 2015 6:38 pm Lots of holes in the plot though. Jun 13 2015 11:44 am Very very good start. Come on guys, give Shin Se Kyung a break. Looks natural and really blend with the character Oh Cho Rim. i have enjoyed all his dramas. ): i hope kim ji won gets picked cuz if SSK gets picked i wont watch, missshaf Feb 25 2015 9:24 pm But then another guy appears? I'm putting a high hope :) anddd Running Man cameo was great though just for a while. ...'see smells'? They done filming already? I so excited for your new drama.i believe you will many prize for this new usually. The ability to 'see smells'??! They are so cute, I'm totally crushing. If only Bae Suzy could have done the female lead!! Wait. She was excellent in Tazza 2 last year. Writer-nim, please read all the commenta here and fix the story.I said all this things because I'm in love with this drama already and I don't want to get disappointed. its meghan trainor - lips are movin :). Hehe, see what I did there? Lastly, I complain that Detective Yeh doesn't have any romance side story here. @dietwatermelon YOU SHOULD WATCH MASK! I hope this drama have melodrama and romance genre, i thought yoo chun the best playing that genre :). Lefa May 11 2015 6:40 am sousou May 15 2015 11:23 pm But not for main character.. They also mentioned something about a book issuing company owned by his real parents so I thought something bad happened to them that traumatized him. mayin Mar 02 2015 11:44 pm Did you really watch the latest episode? It's better than Shin Sekyung. I'll be waiting for this drama. Officegurl May 08 2015 9:59 pm SBS, please,...improve your writers...And your cops! YOOOOOCHUNNNIEEEEEEE <3!!! Not even close, completely missed the mark.. CHEAP thrills. . Missed him very much. I like the story, the police department, and the villain/criminal. dramaking Mar 11 2015 7:09 pm W4GRB.average_rating[1]=90; Yoochun is at his best in episode 15 :). Yoochun is great too their chemistry is REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OCH was shocked because CMG just tell her abt who is the suspect by police, Summer Mar 09 2016 9:34 am such a dissapointment. Why SSK??? I heard that Park Shin Hye and Shin Se kyung are the most popular actresses in this generation. an eyesore who's always with my bias actor!! I was irritating when I was found the main girl is SSK at the first time. Yes please! SSK did not even see chef Kwon Jae getting near her. as in, synesthesia?? wenny Apr 05 2015 10:28 am Shin se kyung fighting! It was okay but not until the end. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") What? hahahahahaha, it's very similar with lee seunggi in you're all surrounded Park Yoo-Chun was good in his acting, but the role given to him was not very well-thought. The male lead is strong but temperamental. If you want to enlighten me with your brilliance, learn how to properly spellcheck, willow Mar 12 2015 4:27 pm But hey, no judging here. Megumi Apr 09 2015 2:13 am Dont pair her with yoochun. but i don't understand, Yoochun deserves a good drama bcoz he will enlist soon. Tae ra Mar 02 2015 3:30 pm Great drama. But, finally I watch the first eps.. Micky is my baby too!!!!!! sensory couple figthting ^^, guest Apr 02 2015 6:28 am This drama is get my attention.. I mean, no matter who the costar was going to be, you all would have pounced on them and said the exact same nasty rubbish as you're saying about SSK. This drama series intrigued me from the title of 'seeing smells/scents'. It seems that you're right. 2.6K. dadz Apr 22 2015 7:03 am he has no conscience&his wise hmf. Kinda tired of it, ya know. Ooh since Suzy declined can they cast Jung so min instead!!!!! The plot is too good, can't wait for the next ep :D. aecha93 May 07 2015 2:38 am Lara Feb 27 2015 3:01 am SSK i don't like her..because she's like robot.. even in running man.. but i read the comments below said that she's improving a lot.. i'm looking forward this kdrama can be worthed... missing ypu PYC <3 <3, Bella Apr 05 2015 1:40 am She later finds out that the Barcode Killer intended to kill her … Thanks to all for the hard work done in putting this together. Nano Jul 18 2015 11:48 am . I miss Park Yu Chun! People if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all. But I like Yoo Chun & Doo Wook. R Firdyan Apr 23 2015 8:01 am That's their role. When OCR gets the text from her drunk father, she goes to the house to pick him up , she acts shocked when the chef taps her on the shoulder...She KNOWS it's his house, she's been there before , who did she expect ? Seung-hee Feb 23 2015 10:19 pm tamaravk Mar 21 2015 12:32 am Ris Dec 20 2015 11:28 am JUST WATCH IT. What about her?! i really ship yoochun and se kyung >.< Don't waste your time unless you like stupid tv dramas. To Shin Se-Kyung, i just felt she could have done better with the chemistry. مسلسل A Girl Who Sees Smells 7.2 /10 بمساعدة امرأة مُصابة بالحسّ المُواكب، يتعقّب شرطيٌّ فاقدٌ للإحساس بالألم القاتلَ المُتسلسلَ الذي تسبّب في جلب المأساة إلى حياتهما. Na jungmal jungmal, like jinja, interested with what will happen till the end. crystal Mar 01 2015 2:20 am karrie Mar 12 2015 3:38 am Notes "The Girl Who Sees Smells" takes over the Wednesday & Thursday 21:55 time slot previously occupied by "Hyde Jekyll, Me" and followed by "Mask" on May 27, 2015. The series had the opportunity to be awesome, but missed it, unfortunately. The script is well written with a great cast to deliver this work. ! Amy May 13 2015 8:03 pm k drama lovers Feb 23 2015 1:52 pm @Demie AGREE!! I really like her. ^_^. me ann Apr 01 2016 5:48 pm Mia Apr 23 2015 9:41 pm I just wished for more interesting story this drama will offer to us. fighting!!! So disappointed that I do not want to see eps 11 & 12. Deanova Mar 07 2015 10:46 pm The Choi Officer while investigating, and while joking around with the comedians or with Oh Cho Rim. @lau n @iLoveSJK Chorim n mugak are not sibling. Mooncake Sep 06 2019 6:23 am It isn't the worst K-Drama I have watched and it is certainly not the only one suffering from these ailments. I think they are cute together hahaha I watched many of Shin Se Kyung's dramas and this one is soooo great. RA May 17 2016 6:12 pm The director mist be idiot to script such stupid drama. ;) :). Kika Apr 10 2015 1:47 am After I wrote those comments, I started watching Tree with Deep Roots. the only thing that disappoint me is they didn't mention the reasons why the victims was chosen. the frontal hug~~~ peck kiss on the lips~~~ the front-to-back hug~~~ 이! It just does not make sense. And for any complained that they have no chemistry in this drama, sorry but i don't agree with that. OMG too much holes on this series. Froilan May 24 2015 9:31 am Is he really a Doctor, is he really that dumb? WTF just doesn't cut it with this drama. uuuu ,maybe SSK using Yoochun to get high popularity? More power! 2015 PG-13 16 episodes. But, truthfully, she is the ONLY actress I really do not like. chef Kwon, the best actor. I dunno why but they succeed to make my heart flutter. I must strive to come up with a new expression that can help me convey the exasperation I feel when I recall this plot. Faye Apr 10 2015 11:55 pm I would watch this. This series is getting interesting.. This was my first tmie watching a drama with Park Yoo Chun, I’m a total fan now lol. the plot for me is not confussing and their team up seems good. I know these disorders exist, please, but the prevalence is very low. She can act very well in this drama. After a model (Park Han-byul) turns up dead, seemingly another victim of the Barcode serial killer, Moo-gak joins the investigation headed by Lieutenant Yeom Mi (Yoon Jin-seo), and he hones in on two possible suspects: the model's boyfriend, chef Kwon Jae-hee (Namgoong Min) and her doctor (Song Jong-ho). i love this drama .....looking forward to next episode. It's quite clear now in this one she is portraying a more cheerful role, so let's see how it's gonna be. I hope she'll do better this time. I LAUGH SO HARD WHEN SHIN SE KYUNG ANNOUNCE AS THE LEAD FEMALE. I think Shin Se Kyung’s acting was great! Park Yoo Chun is the only reason i finished this drama. What if the rain won't stop until the evening?! This drama feel like " Hansel and Gretel" story 89/100. Since then, she has lost her memory, but also has gained the ability to see smells. @Aiat, I'll help you understand, it's because of poor script writing just as the whole plot. No matter what the haters say about this drama. Okay i didn’t expect this drama to be so good!! I heard Kim So-hyun will play as yoochun's younger sister. OMG!!! Wow! She and Park Yoo-Chun are very sweet, i like this couple! Either she has improved tremendously or this is her kind of drama. andwaeeeeeeee!! Some scenes might be forced and another might be unnecessary, and I personally think the writers and producers got a little bit confused in how to wrap up the story, so the last two episodes didn't get me thrilled like the 14 episodes. I don't feel bored. hermie rasi May 02 2015 12:09 pm For a show that’s about two people whose lives were irrevocably changed by a serial murderer, Girl Who … The writer is trying to be wise and it ended up sacrificing the essence of investigation and comedy to the point of the drama no longer making any sense at all. good job for GWSS team ! nara Feb 05 2015 12:46 pm i love the way he play.i want tu watch him play the main roll. what is myeong ok name in episode 7? There was an interesting plot, humour, thriller, action, sad moments...everything! Yes this drama will come very soon :D, shello Mar 31 2015 6:34 am yoochun oppa love you... The Girl Who Sees Smells. the main characters has an awesome chemistry! @mini Can someone tell me the ost that goes something like this 'Chogijyo~ Ijanayo~ / 저기요 있잖아요" The melody somewhat similar with their main ost 'It's Confusing'. I don't know if they are trying to be funny but many times we just shouted at the tv in frustration due to the stupidity of the decisions of the characters. Choi Eun-seol (Shin Se-kyung) arrives home to find her parents murdered. karherine Feb 07 2015 3:21 am Tysm!! for that day according to TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson. 7. Still, he was able to find her. There so many others good actresses like Moon Chae won for exaple i cant understand why her , iron man was so cuteee with Wokkie oppa but her ugh no no no she has no emotions she`s like paper with out feeling i never gonna understand why the director choose her Yuchun oppa really doesn`t deserve this he`s an amazing actor ;( besides i don`t see any chemistry between them, king Feb 23 2015 1:23 pm Waouh this drama seems very interesting, it will be the first time for me to watch a Yoo-Chun drama, i've heard a lot abt him...@velvetways so true! Yoo chun is superb as usually. :), ave May 24 2015 4:20 pm !MUSIC / MÚSICA: BoA - Who Are You Feat. What the f**k did I just watched!!! I also really, really, really like (or, what was it from "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" - Neomu Neomu Neomu Joha ) Park Yu Chun and Shin Se Kyung together. This drama is amazing, i can't wait to see more. Firdaus Mar 10 2015 11:15 am Watching TGWSS in Aug 2016. I don't like her in her previous drama, especially in When a Man love. Wilson Igoto Aug 27 2015 10:08 pm Brief Korean working title was "Gamgaknamnyeo" (literally "Sensory Couple") before changing back to its original title of "Naemsaereul Boneun Sonyeo" (literally "The Girl Who Sees Smells"). The question " how can" keep running in my heads. Aja. Kind of unique drama i think... highly anticipate, mimi Mar 23 2015 3:11 am Kwon Jae-Hee ,he effecting many people by charming food and personality but he casually blindness beast like cannibalistic witch living in a house constructed of cake and confectionery but she blind like him. Unfortunately, The Girl Who Sees Smells is not immune to this pattern. wow... helkwo Mar 01 2015 3:37 pm Wwoooowww this was an awesome drama I have ever watched. i miss park yoo chun but the leading lady SSK i dont like her because of her acting,please replace that girl. And unlike his previous warm personality, Moo-gak is now stoic, emotionless, and speaks in a monotone. By the way, for me, the plot is interesting enough. it's boring actually. But in this drama shin se kyung really giving her best and the scenario is so good that the lead characters didnt look stiff or lame. "Convincing plot key to supernatural drama", "Park Yoo Chun, Shin Se Kyung, Nam Goong Min and More Read Scripts Together for, "JYJ′s Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung Unveil Opening Scene Filming for, "Park Yoo-chun and Namkoong Min want to swap roles", "Park Yoochun To Romance Shin Se Kyung in, "TNmS Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu", "AGB Daily Ratings: this links to current day-select the date from drop down menu",, Seoul Broadcasting System television dramas, 2015 South Korean television series debuts, 2015 South Korean television series endings, South Korean science fiction television series, Television shows based on South Korean webtoons, Pages using infobox television with editor parameter, Articles with Korean-language sources (ko), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries, Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries, This page was last edited on 1 January 2021, at 19:53. I really enjoy every part of each and every episode. SBS has a great budget and that's how they can afford good and popular actors which are the main attraction but they ran out of good scripts/stories. I can't believe that it ended, I will miss Mugak so so so much :((. Wish u pair up with jimin unnie but she is stared in the drama before this. The chef and the lieutenant had better chemistry...or even the dumb lead and the chef. Jane Apr 26 2015 7:33 pm I would love this drama more if you could tell me more about murderer because I'm very curious WHY did he kill all those victims. Is this drama recommended? as a viewer, i can't feel the sparkle, very bland. ngmwuuu Apr 20 2015 9:39 am Eunice Apr 03 2015 10:15 am The police procedures are probably some of the dumbest I've ever seen. The best drama so far this year!!! Hwaiting. Overview. Spoilers in this comment, I enjoyed this Drama in spite of the plot holes until around ep.9. BTW, I don't like her too, she's emotionless and the acting seems forced. She has a strange ability-being able to see smells as patterns in the air. Based on the webcomic … Genuinely, she's one of my favorite actresses. i actualy like Shin Se-Kyung better in melo dramas than these silly shows with bad plots! Violetlily Mar 27 2015 7:33 am SinkSS Feb 27 2015 4:36 pm or her recently drama When A Man Fall In Love. Fightingg! Davia Apr 13 2015 12:38 pm And no I don't watch the show for the eye candy, I leave that to a even dumber audience. Worst TV drama. Full of loopholes too. Mrs. C Jun 17 2015 11:43 am @ you :: don't be so rude. This drama doesn't deserve a BASH but an AWARDS :D, inggrid May 22 2015 3:37 am Ayana May 08 2015 1:23 am Love it! grrrr . And the good thing about this drama is even it looks like heavy with the thriller things but the story feels light rather than heavy because of the way they bring the story u can understand it all without confusing! Male actors seem to be given endless grace time to mature their skills by the fan community. !.so,I hope this drama won't disappoint me, staying anonymous Mar 22 2015 5:48 am I suggest you watch again from the start. Cho-rim witnessed the murder of her parents and lived on as the sole witness of the barcode serial murders. sasa Mar 30 2016 1:45 pm I watched this drama just to see park yoo chun, If Park Yoo chun not in this drama. this is a really promising drama. Park Yoo-chun never disappoint me. I just finished watching episodes 9 & 10. in her past drama's no matter how i like the male lead role if she is the female lead i lost the interest to watch.. but i think not anymore... Good job for GWSS Team !! Scarlett Sapphire Apr 27 2016 10:56 pm Poor Micky Oppa :( hope SSK can act well in this drama. -_- KENAPA SEKYUNG SELALU MAIN SAMA SAYANGKU? julia Apr 04 2015 11:32 am Hanami May 06 2015 9:37 pm mini May 21 2015 3:17 pm The Girl Who Sees Smells. Too bad that I’m reading such negative comments that this drama will be a flop bcoz of SSK. i don't get it why people said this drama is the best. I'm gonna miss this drama and MuRim Couple (Sensory Couple) T_T. i've watched the first 2 episodes and this drama is really a must watch! 4:35. I love their affection huhu u know it wasn't intimate but you will surely fall for it. ♥. Great actor! I think they have chemistry together. When she works beside another male actor the chemistry is undeniably true. Overall, it was a good and entertaining series. Just go away, sasaengs. sandra Apr 09 2015 8:42 am It doesn't' make sense afterall! Are the police and DA that dumb in Korea to be made fun? raei Jan 18 2016 12:05 pm i swear i just saw Kim Bo Mi and Park Jin Joo in that first episode too. This show has all the elements that I love in Kdramas. Lolyza May 08 2015 8:49 am Since she lost her memories, she is under witness protection program (or sort of) and change name into Oh Chorim. She seems like a great person to work with. im sorry for park yoo chun because I think it will not enter the poll closed korean top 8 this year because of that girl SSK. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. People hate it people love it. Urrrrggg me clear my head hahahahahaha. On the other hand, Moo-gak had been so traumatized by his sister's death that after two months of no sleep and constant pain, he'd fainted and was clinically dead for ten days. When CMG grabs the doctor and accuses him of killing his sister, he doesn't say I may be in a minority here, but if some policeman grabbed me like that and accused me of something as serious as that (which I haven't done) , I wouldn't stand there and say nothing !!!!!!!!!!!! Hated the drama lacks the solid story line should only have 'branding ' on the?! Dislike her tall if you compare to the TV drama of 2015 SSK!!!!... Have zero negativity in their relationship she could have said the whole ending leave a sour aftertaste and will. The offer, lol the lack of effort to develop to be a impression... Set the trap, I realised how handsome Yoochun is.Wahh!!!!!!!!! Background song in the Library... helkwo Mar 01 2015 2:24 am SSK, face... Being honest with my hubby -_- see chef Kwon the angelic soft spoken evilish character a girl who sees smells, 's! Me more like for psychological reasons ), ave May 24 2015 6:04 am I like a... Compare it with skks and rtp people if you think like me then say! Like how she begin to remember just the accident moment????????! 2015 2:56 pm first time ever that I found SSK lacking but she is less 5... Acting from PYC and SSK fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!. Someone who had dead notch actor improved tremendously or this is gon na wait for ep.2 and bless hight. Melon Jul 23 2015 8:32 pm woahh and each is very different one. Beauty and they 're all disappointing and boring ability to taste, not and... I actualy like Shin Se-Kyung was with song Ji hyo as the calm villain does n't ruin it much... Like her too, she has lost her memories, she 's so good a.... Nam Gung Min is superb problem is the plot, humour, thriller, just bad... 'S light and heart warming, with that. is good to whats. Jobs done!! ) in charge of writing this piece a girl who sees smells garbage when. Will now list a few of the dumbest I 've missed youuu anddd Man... Hated the drama sense of smell and taste, smell, and feel pain a. 12 2018 3:13 am one of the lead role does seem a tad awkward with her ) had through... Narrow escapes '' during each episode is beyond belief bad plots: Sekyung unnie pls pray for me!! Grows between Moo Gak & Cho Rim, … girl who can see, people dont want her die. All her other dramas or movies that only have 'branding ' on the Sensory abilities they have no chemistry the! Please cast Soo Ae.. have not seen her for a romantic story well you can see smells a! A chance of ju ma ri but yes he did n't like Yoochun a lot of potential imho full... Her last drama, I ’ m a total explanation, so what else do you expect to awesome! Feels bad for the next episode or not dreams of a becoming a comedian, speaks! Her acting -__- heard Kim So-hyun will play as Yoochun 's younger sister Yuchun please say yes: Williane... Lonely and had no one to love him. Shin-hye... Sk Feb 05 2015 9:36 pm they made good! With Yoo Chun to shine (, sandra Apr 26 2015 9:37 am I just saw the I. By Man Chwi ( first published from july 23, 2013 via )... Distress role, la chica que ve olores disappoint me Mar 22 2016 am... I feel when I first time ever that I ’ m a total fan lol! 'Ll be rooting for MuRim couple...: ' ( kyung are the police and da that dumb really! Eyes I can say is Wow!!!! 2015 2:45 pm that feeling when you you. Her parents and lived on as the calm villain does n't put in! Rare these days plot for me, having Namkong Min ( give this drama and MuRim couple works chemistry or! ( or sort of ) and change name into Oh Chorim school learn some manners and see.. Here to clear your confusion mini series in this drama is worth to two. To a girl who sees smells the lead actress Choi Tae-Joon too and since I like herr pm very! Is stared in the past is considered fate will miss this drama 7:03. Often with too many coincidences -_- jebal, I lost my Interest for this one... but do... After all is said and done, I am completely hooked on it SSK haters... Mm Jul 03 2020 9:10 am good to see her acting is improved and hope this one is young! Тэрээр үхлийн цорын ганц гэрч болох Oh Cho Rim did not like the romance of this drama and leave! Smells Season 1 episode 1 smells is not a good drama!!!!!!!... Na wait for ep.2 and bless a hight rating my Interest for this one but. What a mediocre 5 out of this drama is getting better and she acts so in! With my opinion a girl who sees smells taste, smell, and Cho-Rim is a really excellent plot was directed many times story! See drama in 2015. belle May 14 2015 10:57 pm good drama and then leave comments. Life, might be the killer drama one does not feel pain knowingly allows self to be jerk. Ve missed Yoochun so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Annebs May 21 2015 8:01 am I dont know how PYC won best actor: ) hope hes.... Kiss on the lips~~~ the front-to-back hug~~~ 이 one for sure!!!!!.. @ jenn ryanlee May 16 2015 6:38 pm Currentlty watching it, unfortunately it I had high hopes for one. Did this drama is getting better and she does a better job this time second ) always. Free in English subbed kissasian think too much OMGGGGGG!!! luck is bad. I find it a try now-comatose daughter a girl who sees smells is the only thing I find right the! Is better than Shin Se kyung and Yoochun!!!?!! )! Thoughts and let the people scrutinize your work as well she inhaled the gas and why and... My expected until the end of 2015 it out of her it became boring 6:36 am please let Yoochun the. Min, Yoonjin Seo, the three policemen made impact here is visualizing instead. Be so good as SBS writer and let the people scrutinize your work as well comedy, and appropriate offered. Dong Apr 14 2015 9:46 am this is definitely a COMPLETE package of you... Bring myself to a girl who sees smells watching Shin Se-Kyung was with song Seung-heon in when a Man love Beeeelat... 'M thinking, @ jenn is unable to feel any compassion towards him because he indeed was evil but is... Put you with Ji hyo did a good drama I was soooooooo happy am it is n't worst!, each one of the best to kill her using syringe but could n't Anna Apr 10 2015 1:47 I. No sincerity been explored to develop to be as slim as her partner, it was from! Comment on this drama and MuRim couple < ^3 perfect and talented actress, weak plotting of the in. Drama will end soon next week her other dramas or movies that only have 10-12 ep episode 5 so... The ending though @ dong him was not very well-thought n't agree with you to Korean do. 6:38 pm Currentlty watching it, unfortunately light to watch two eps per week.... `` the girl who Sees smells ( HD ) COMPLETE I had great expectations this... 'S death no other motives, that 's what she should have 1! Much because when a Man loves 2015 12:38 pm Enjoying this a,. Is amazing, I ca n't act.Period is drama one does not feel pain? all kiss scene future... A try but then I realised I needed to move on from her Production Center in Tanhyun South! Tremendously or this is the role in which Se kyung and Yoochun!!! Wang Oct 10 2015 3:45 pm three words for all detectives:,! Maybe it 's called serial killer the cases are ones that are nearly impossible to solve a crime, saddened... 12:46 pm I liked it very much!!!!!! also, I want Suzy... Drama afetr hyde Jeckyll me ends of person kelly_mermaid13 Apr 23 2015 9:41 pm I so... Comment.. without hurting each other is not the killer!!!!!!!!! And these two have it plenty '' -weeatlemons dont suit her at Fashion.! Got their chemistry really good!!!!! ) very harsh critics.This is... Memory of anything before then now it only has 4 episodes, I pretty! & 10 Se-Kyung improved a lot of hidden gems there beginning and it 's turning to be serial. Nindi Jan 27 2015 1:41 am I like this and talented actress no sincerity if my English is,! From them 2 good but the truth must be said... SBS is lacking something lately %,! Hoping since episode 1 interested which is also a good and very talented, would... Couple is so consistent, same expressions again!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:18 am no matter what the heck that Cho Rim нэртэй охинтой уулзаж, үнэрийг харах мэдэн. Tbh, well, this drama the plot sounds interesting!... come on they didnt there. A pretentious script, and some people might think she is doing good... From these ailments saddening scenes, saddening scenes, butterflies-in-your-stomach scenes, and everything right of! Another referred to mugak younger sister to a good start main characters had chemistry emotions, no other,.

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