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C'est à partir de ce moment là que la relation Soldat Fureur Éclair/Rebecca va s'accentuer. Il semblerait qu'il ait honte de son passé. La considérant comme un "ange tombé du ciel", il ne la touche qu'avec des gants. [52], He then went to the second level through a shortcut Luffy made and managed to hitch a ride on Cavendish's horse, much to his chagrin. A tale on how Viola pondered on whether or not she should let Donquixote Doflamingo back into her life once again. [14], Upon their reunion for the first time in 10 years, Kyros saved Rebecca from being killed by Diamante as Rebecca shed tears of joy seeing her father again while Kyros stated that she no longer needed to fight and he would do that for her. Les policiers déclarent que c'est en quelque sorte "le Gardien du Colisée". He also appears to be proud to be a toy that brings happiness to people, and gets angry when someone says he is serious, although he knows there are times when he has to be and does so without complaint. [17] He is also very determined to save those dear to him, as when Doflamingo prepared to kill King Riku, Kyros immediately freed himself from his Seastone shackles by cutting off his own left leg.[13]. Quatre ans après être entré dans le Colisée Corrida, il gagne alors 1000 fois, un record historique pour le Colisée. Alive Bien que personne ne se rappelle de son identité passée et vraie, les nains croient ses dires[8]. Incarnations View all 3 versions of Kyros on BTVA. While his leg was chained, Kyros was horrified when Doflamingo informed him that he had sent subordinates to kill his wife and child. C'est alors Leo qui lui explique que dès que la stratégie S.O.P sera en marche, il aura pour tache difficile d'abattre Doflamingo. Ensuite, Diamante réalise que Kyros est en réalité le Soldat Jouet et se moque de lui en disant qu'il voudrait bien voir sa tête lorsqu'il aura tué Rebecca, sa fille, juste devant lui. Il est le commandant[9] des Forces Royales de Riku, dont les membres sont des nains du Royaume de Tontatta. Rikiya Koyama is the Japanese voice of Kyros in One Piece. Après être entré dans la famille du roi Riku, il est devenu gentil et serviable envers tout le monde. He stated that by defeating Sugar, her powers will be undone and that will be essential for the operation's success. He then assisted the Straw Hats in escaping Dressrosa. Kyros vs Page One Thread starter Luis209 ... Knight, which was capable of reacting to and keeping up with the likes of Luffy and Law, got instantly blitzed by a one legged Kyros. Other than destroying the factory and the port, the operation also includes taking out Sugar, the Devil Fruit user who turned humans into toys. [34], During his time as a gladiator, Kyros was initially highly unpopular as he was known as a murderer and a criminal. Despite this, he managed to escape the palace with Doldo. Riku a aussi été initié puis entraîné par Kyros et lui est profondément reconnaissant pour cela. Kyros et sa fille s'assoient en face de la tombe de Scarlette ensemble. Scarlette fut la femme de Kyros. At age 15, Kyros wielded a makeshift mace made from a pipe with nails sticking out of it. Suite à cela, ceux qui ont subi ce sort ont été oubliés par leurs proches, qui ont perdu tout souvenir d'eux les concernant. Il a un petit talon où se trouvait sa jambe gauche et il porte un patin à roulettes sous son pied droit car il a des problèmes d'équilibre lorsqu'il est immobile. Kyros and Diamante stopped dueling and the Donquixote executive prepared to finish him off, but Kyros rushes toward him and uses Trueno Bastard to break through Diamante's sword and cut him down.[32]. added by Rashi_19. Kyros was grateful to Robin for protecting Rebecca and the latter then ran to his side. Kyros, unbowed by Diamante's vicious attacks, fights … He also said that their tactic is very important, since the destruction of the factory will also bring the fall of Dressrosa as well. Relations Appears in One Piece Wan Piisu ワンピース わんぴーす by エイベックス & AVEX Il tombe également amoureux d'elle mais Riku, considérant que le peuple aurait finalement toujours une mauvaise image de Kyros, décide d'organiser de fausses funérailles pour Scarlette. After freeing Doldo, everyone was surprised to see Doflamingo still alive. added by Fitch. Le Soldat se dirige donc vers le Palais Royal, accompagné de quelques Nains. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous. Kyros VOICE. On the other hand, they tried reasoning with him by pointing out that their lives and loved ones were at stake. Ich … They also respect him for his part in defeating Doflamingo and carved a new statue for Kyros to honor him as one of the heroes of Dressrosa.[35]. 0 item(s) in cart, Subtotal: US$ 0. Incarnations On BTVA: 3 Versions from 3 Titles. After calming down, Kyros explained his intent to kill Diamante. Work Search: tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit) 1 - 20 of 21 Works in Kyros (One Piece). Malgré toutes ces interrogations, la légende raconte qu'il était le gladiateur le plus fort de toute l'histoire du Colisée Corrida, où il a combattu pendant 20 ans et est resté invaincu après 3000 combats. Diamante was impressed that Kyros can fight with only one leg but warned him that his cape is made of iron. [63], Later, Kyros saw the explosion on the palace roof and told Leo that it would be best if they did not interfere with the battle going on above. Dans le Chapitre 709, on retrouve Franky et le soldat en train de discuter à propos de la destruction de l'usine. Il porte un grand chapeau rond avec les lettres "SOL" inscrites dessus. Le fait qu'il n'osait pas toucher sa fille sans gants l'amusait beaucoup. Il est également capable de rivaliser avec Diamante l'un des trois As de Doflamingo et de le battre d'une puissante attaque ce qui témoigne de sa puissance hors du commun. Despite having lost one leg, Kyros has shown enormous strength in his remaining leg, able to jump to incredible heights as well as moving at extremely great speed upon returning to human form he was fast enough to take a string clone of Doflamingo by surprise and decapitate the duplicate. After Scarlett left the royal family by faking her death, Kyros lived together with her in a flower field outside the kingdom and later conceived a child, Rebecca. Although Rebecca initially said she hated Soldier for failing to protect her mother, she eventually came to love him since he raised her for 10 years and also taught her how to fight. [50], He was later confronted by armed citizens, who demanded that Kyros surrender. Il était l'un des rares à ne pas le voir comme une "bête". [13], When Sugar's curse broke, Thunder Soldier transformed back into Kyros. 1. Animeography. [60], After Pica's defeat to Zoro, Leo, Mansherry, Kabu met up with Kyros and his group at the Sunflower Field. Reverie (One Piece) As spring comes into life, another romance blooms. After the Shichibukai falsified the news of his resignation, Kyros and his fellow rebels decided to initiate a decisive attack against him. Kyros' Furious Strike!, on Crunchyroll. Il l'affrontera et le battra au terme d'un combat intense en sensations.[16]. Quand il a appris la résiliation de Doflamingo à quitter les Shichibukaï par les journaux (ce qui est faux bien entendu), il a décidé de lancer une attaque punitive contre lui avec les Nains rebelles[14]. Official English Name: Après que Luffy ait jeté Law plus bas dans le Champ des Fleurs, Kyros se tient auprès de Law tandis que Léo et Manshelly discutent sur le traitement à suivre pour les blessures de Law et Kyros, mais ils refusent tous les deux de se faire soigner. A great bronze statue of him is held at the Corrida Colosseum. Alors que ce dernier allait exécuter le roi Riku, il se coupe la jambe pour essayer de sauver le roi, mais Sugar l'intercepta et le transforma en jouet grâce à son Hobi Hobi no Mi. 1 ˚Chopper☠(Doctor)˚ added by Nalu-love. 2. No direct interaction is seen between the two but Kyros holds complete disdain for the female Special Officer for depriving him and the other toys of their humanity along with any memory of them within Dressrosa. Le Soldat Fureur Éclair est ami avec Rebecca. Il lui a aussi appris à se défendre. However, after he spent several years in the colosseum, the citizens' opinions of him changed for the better. Avant de passer à l'action, il dit au cyborg que si ce dernier a vraiment du cran pour s'opposer à Doflamingo, il lui révélera toutes les informations à savoir sur Dressrosa. He continued to achieve victory after victory. Ivan Jasso, Kyros is a legendary gladiator, who fought at the Corrida Colosseum until 20 years ago. Years after Doldo's dethronement at the hands of Doflamingo, Kyros plotted against the Warlord and sought to restore Doldo's honor. Kyros also proclaimed once Doflamingo was defeated, Riku would reclaim his rightful place on the throne. Despite her feelings, he was still reluctant to interact with her due to his past as a criminal. Nous verrons par la suite une avancée rapide dans le temps avec par exemple les anniversaires de Rebecca, le Soldat qui la protège d'individus en tout genre ou même le jour où il a délivré la jeune fille d'un kidnapping, c'est notamment là qu'on apprend qu'il est doté d'une prime d'un montant inconnu. kyros. Okay, they're scared of him. C'est le père de Rebecca[10], le mari de Scarlett, le beau-frère de Viola ainsi que le gendre de Riku. [73], After Luffy and his allies escaped, Rebecca and Kyros held hands just as when Rebecca was a child and when Kyros was Thunder Soldier. When Usopp asked him who he was, the toy soldier revealed himself to be Rebecca's father. Birthday: She has long, light pink hair, which she wears in a braid.As a gladiator, she wore a yellow scale armor bikini, with a turquoise paludamentum, as well as a ridge helmet, a pair of greaves and gloves, and high-heeled armor. Boa Hancock, ou les aléas de l'exagération. Note: this one-shot is set four years after their fateful encounter at the shore located at the rear end of Green Bit. [15], Thunder Soldier was then beginning to worry when Gladius and his men were approaching the second floor. [16], Thunder Soldier then became her guardian. Plus tard, on voit le père de Rebecca caché avec les Nains dans une caisse en bois qui se trouve devant l’ascenseur menant au Palais Royal. He tried to dissuade her from entering the tournament for the Mera Mera no Mi, but Rebecca was insistent on participating. Age: He was the wild heir to… Relations Appears in One Piece Wan Piisu ワンピース わんぴーす by エイベックス & AVEX Add to library 24 Discussion 89. Pancratium". Usopp manages to knock Sugar out … One Piece Ignition. One Piece › Kyros. Il apprécie profondément l'ancien roi, allant jusqu'à se couper la jambe pour tenter de le sauver. Usopp faces Trebol, the Thunder Soldier recalls his time as Kyros. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kyros (as Thunder Soldier) vs. Doflamingo's subordinates. When he was raising Rebecca as the Thunder Soldier, he tried his best to make her happy and was not above playing dead, striking strange poses or even singing songs in an attempt to make her happy. video. video. Les deux ont une discussion au cours de laquelle la femme gladiateur exprime sa détermination à vouloir remporter le tournoi et son envie de vivre à ses côtés. 1. one piece. 【Preorder】ZeroTribe Studio One Piece Kyros Resin Statue's post card: Item NO. [51], Kyros later reached the new King's Plateau and climbed up to the first level. Buy Now. En tant que jouet, il a été vaincu facilement par Lao G car ce dernier n'étais que dans sa forme de jouet. His wanted poster as Thunder Soldier is unique, as it does not contain a reward number. Il réapparaît peu de temps après, en train de se faire poursuivre par des policiers de Dressrosa. Kyros and Diamante then duel, with Kyros retorting to Diamante's shocked comments about his endurance by saying that Diamante had never known true pain and that he was carrying the anger of a country on his shoulders. Il déclare qu'il va peut-être mieux falloir passer à l'action avant que la situation ne s'aggrave. 4. Kyros went after Doflamingo alone while fighting through anyone who tried to claim his head. [9] Once Usopp, Robin, and the dwarves from Green Bit arrived at the headquarters, Kyros gave his speech about overthrowing Doflamingo. Autre preuve de sa force hors du commun: il n'a eu qu'une seule blessure lors de ses 3000 combats: lors de son dernier combat. 1080 Type DEX: Class Slasher: Class 2 Powerhouse: Rarity ★★★★ Max Lv. When he was turned into a toy, everyone forgot his existence. He then told Franky that if he had the courage to oppose Donquixote Doflamingo, he would explain the history of Dressrosa.[22]. Despite having only one leg, he enters the colosseum to fight for his native land. Guten Tag! Even though Kyros was known as a ruthless killer, Doldo showed him mercy even after Kyros attacked him during their first meeting. Leur navire subit l'assaut d'un sous marin pirate, cependant le capitaine Koby sauve leur navire d'une torpille et le lieutenant-commandant Hermep intercepte le sous-marin. In the following years, he worked in many jobs to support Rebecca and protected her from wild dogs, bullies, and boys giving her love letters. One Piece Episode 717 Trueno Bastardo! Ich war bekannt als der König der Gladiatoren und habe 3000 Männer besiegt. Il les informe sur les pouvoirs de Sugar et les met en garde sur le fait que ce ne sera pas facile de la battre car son garde du corps n'est autre que Trebol. add Supporting. As in Luffy vs Big bosses. Even while wounded from his fight with Diamante, he was still able to take down a few of the Donquixote Pirates' grunts with no problems. [15], While visiting his friend's grave with Doldo, Kyros expressed his sorrow, saying that he would always be known as a beast. キュロス Le soldat révèle alors qu'il a également l'intention de détruire l'usine et qu'il s'est secrètement préparé à cette mission avec ses camarades. Kyros' loyalty to Doldo is so great that he immediately accused Doflamingo of wrongdoing as he refused to believe that the peaceful King would ever attack his people even after witnesses stated otherwise. [15] However, despite earning his freedom, Kyros decided to stay in the colosseum due to the fact that everyone else in Dressrosa hated him. During his time as a gladiator, he wielded a blunted sword. Il esquive les tirs de ces derniers et s'infiltre dans le Colisée Corrida, lieu dans lequel les policiers n'ont pas le droit d'entrer par la loi de La Famille Donquixote, de ce fait la police et la Marine n'ont aucune autorité. [7] He also possessed a scar on his forehead from his final fight as a gladiator with King Riku and later sacrificed his left leg to help King Riku before he was turned into a toy. [13] His abilities are also illustrated from the fact that he managed to train Rebecca in combat to a level where she not only gained a reputation for herself as a fighter, but even managed to become the victor in her block, despite being a toy which would obviously impose restrictions when instructing someone in combat. [37] His weakened form made him less capable at physically fighting people compared to his human form, however, as he was quickly overwhelmed in hand-to-hand combat by Lao G, and since he was made of inorganic matter, he was susceptible to being ruptured by Gladius' Pamu Pamu no Mi. Chapitre 704 (Kyros), Chapitre 702 (Soldat Jouet), Épisode 631 En effet, ils se sont alliés dans le but de détruire L'Usine de Smiles et au passage de sauver les gens qui y travaillent[19]. After sailing on… So I went even further back, up to the very origin of this picture. Mushi Mushi no Mi, modèle: Scarabée Rhinocéros, Légende de la Bête Sacrée Enflammée de Balgimoa, Gladiator (former); Riku Royal Army Commander (former) Diamante a alors perdu connaissance après avoir frappé sa tête sur la tombe de Scarlette. [67] Once the Birdcage finally collapsed, Kyros smiled as Luffy's victory is announced to Dressrosa. He is the former commander of the Riku Royal Army (リク王軍, Riku Ō Gun?). [10] Rebecca is just as determined to protect him. Kyros was only wounded once in his whole career by a single opponent - anybody else thought of Unohana on this? With that said, the toy soldier and Franky continued on towards their destination. One Piece Avenue. L'inscription sur son chapeau "SOL" signifie "soleil" en latin et "Kyros" signifie la même chose, mais en grec. After Scarlett's death, Kyros watched over and protected Rebecca as the Thunder Soldier. Kyros holds extreme hatred for Diamante for killing Scarlett and trying to murder his daughter as well, and wishes to kill him with his bare hands. Par la suite, on apprend aussi que malgré avoir été blessé pour la première fois de sa carrière par "Ricky", le roi déguisé, il s'était retenu. Manga Le matin de l'annonce de la destitution de Doflamingo, les nains firent la fête, mais le Soldat vint les interrompre pour leur annoncer que l'annonce est fausse. Kyros fights enemies with one leg and wounded. [29], Kyros, Luffy, and Cavendish advance into new plateau while riding Farul, While Farul charged towards the third level, Kyros, Luffy, Law, and Cavendish briefly argued over who will be the one to defeat Doflamingo. Kyros se battait de la même manière avec une barre en fer. They later watched as Doflamingo initiated his "Birdcage" plan. During Rebecca's recalling her childhood, Kyros is added but his face is not shown. [8], When the tournament for the Mera Mera no Mi started at the Corrida Colosseum, he stood at the entrance and barred children from entering and shot at any that tried to do so. After Luffy threw Law down onto the Flower Field, Kyros then stood around Law while Leo and Mansherry were discussing about treating Law's wounds. He could accurately deflect numerous steel balls that rained down on him by Diamante. Inconnue (anciennement)[5] : 1471356. comme il l'a montré lors de son combat contre des hommes de Doflamingo. added by Fitch. Ich heiße Kyros und stamme aus den Slums von Dress Rosa. Kyros, autrement appelé Le Soldat Fureur Éclair est un petit soldat-jouet unijambiste dont le corps fait de plomb et d'étain, ressemble à un uniforme de garde de couleur foncée avec quatre boutons. added by Fitch. Fortunately, Robin arrived and stopped the attack. Luffy And Ace. To start off, he was a troubled kid, who turned his life around with a little help. [32], Kyros also has an enormous amount of stamina, having gone six days without food and still been able to fight against several opponents with ease. En étant le Soldat Fureur Éclair, Kyros ramena le corps mort de Scarlette à Rebecca, avec du pain et un morceau de saucisson. Alors qu'il semble apprécier d'être un jouet, il est attristé du fait qu'il ne peut pas verser de larme ou ressentir la chaleur au contact d'une personne comme les gens peuvent normalement le faire.. Quand il élevait Rebecca en tant que soldat éclair, il a essayé de faire de son mieux pour lui faire plaisir et parfois même en faisant le mort, en prenant des poses étranges ou même en chantant des chansons afin de lui faire plaisir. [2], He was later seen sitting next to Franky in the Colosseum among the spectators. Kyros reached the sunflower field just in time to save Rebecca from Diamante. [15] He actually felt guilty and remorseful about his past as a criminal and felt that he was too unclean and unworthy of many things (such as continuing to interact with Scarlett before their marriage or holding his daughter with his bare hands, the latter making his wife calling him weird), while feeling depressed that the world would remember him as a murderer.[13]. Thunder Soldier's concept art from the anime. Diamante wears a light colored hat with brown locks of hair coming down from it. Kyurosu 1. While hiding from sight right outside the suit room, Thunder Soldier saw Riku Doldo III and was glad to see him safe. Il réalise par ailleurs la véritable nature des Chapeaux de Paille en tant que pirates mais n'y voit pas d'inconvénient puisqu'ils partagent le même objectif. C'est à cause de sa transformation en jouet que la plupart des habitants de Dressrosa ne se souviennent plus de lui et qu'ils pensent qu'il n'est qu'une légende[8]. [31] With his wrath fueling him, Kyros overcame all handicaps and foul plays to defeat Diamante. Après la naissance de leur fille, elle remarqua que Kyros ne pouvait s'empêcher de pleurer en présence de sa fille, déclarant alors qu'elle aurait un père étrange. However, Rebecca relented when Thunder Soldier revealed his own limitations. C'est le tout premier jouet à avoir été transformé par. [6], During his existence as a toy, Kyros became a criminal for breaching the law of entering a human house, even if it was to save Rebecca (whom the citizens hate). 4. He also had a brief conversation with Rebecca at the colosseum. [10], After this revelation, Usopp started wondering how he could be related to the former king, but the toy soldier ignored him and started telling the story of Dressrosa's tragedy in detail. He has striped, orange and red rectangular streaks that run down from his forehead, through his eyes, straight to his chin.In the digitally colored manga, he wears a pink shirt with purple pants and a crimson cape made of steel, while in the anime, Diamante dons a light colored shirt with brighter red pants that match his cape. Shows: One Piece Film Gold: Episode 0, One Piece, One Piece: Episode of Skypiea. Kyros[6], est un gladiateur légendaire du Colisée Corrida, une grande statue de pierre polie le représentant se trouve au Colisée[7]. Plus tard, il a quitté le Champ de Fleurs et descend l'escalier fait par Bartolomeo[32]. Adding to cart succeed. Statue de Kyros, le gladiateur le plus puissant du Colisée. Share Doflamingo and his copy launched another attack but Luffy and Kyros jumped out of the way. Il retourna alors vers Le Champ de Fleurs pour apporter de la nourriture à sa femme et sa fille, quand il aperçoit Scarlette se faisant tirer dessus par Diamante. Au départ, la jeune fille lui fera la tête pour ne pas avoir sauvé sa mère, ce à quoi le Soldat répond qu'il n'a rien pu faire et s'excusera une fois de plus. Not as likely anymore but given the large popularity of One Piece, eleven weeks might have been sufficient for a correction. Kabu et Rambo se sacrifient pour lui permettre de fuir, mais Gladius le rattrape. Watch One Piece: Dressrosa (700-746) Episode 742, The Bond Between Father and Daughter! Même si l'on raconte qu'il a combattu pendant 20 ans, personne à Dressrosa ne sait s'il a réellement existé. ↑ One Piece Manga — Chapter 783 (p. 2-3, 7, 15), Kyros meninggalkan Ladang Bunga. Kyros showed that he does not like anyone mocking his wife's death as he attacked Diamante fiercely for bringing up killing her. Vincent Violette. Thunder Soldier hoped that Franky would be alright fighting his way in. A legendary gladiator in Dressrosa's history, although he has been all but forgotten. Nom Japonais : On apprend qu'il est le Commandant de "L'Armée Anti-Doflamingo" et que les nains du Royaume de Tontatta sont ses frères d'armes. At the age of 15, he met Riku Doldo III after ruthlessly killing two people in a fight. Kyros Il est ensuite engagé par le roi pour participer à des tournois du Colisée Corrida et impressionner les spectateurs. Joined Apr 2, 2013 Messages 96 Reaction score 9 Points 0. BLW likes this. With two legged Kyros, I'd give him the win any day, but in regards to one legged Kyros, we'd have to see more of Page One. When he was turned into a toy, everyone forgot his existence. When she was furious at Diamante for his actions, Kyros stopped her, not wanting her to sully her hands after carrying on her mother's legacy. Il tente alors d'en finir une bonne fois pour toutes mais ne remarque pas la présence du "vrai" Doflamingo, qui s'apprête à l'attaquer. On le voit plus tard d'affronter Buffalo dans la Salle des Trônes, qu'il bat assez facilement et qu'il éjecte même hors du Palais Royal. He sported a classic gladiator's helmet (which currently, he is not wearing), a cape and metallic wristbands, and was also holding a sword. [42], The toy soldier then brought Franky to the Riku Royal Army Headquarters hidden beneath the flower field, where he introduced Franky to the dwarf army. I ordered Weekly Shōnen Jump #2323 and on July 18, 2015, this picture looked like that: So it was indeed a mistake! After his transformation, he became a One-Legged Soldier (片足の兵隊, Kata-ashi no Heitai), known as " Thunder Soldier of Rage ". Il réussit tout de même à aider le roi et à s'échapper tu palais. 1 *Roronoa Zoro* added by KEISUKE_URAHARA. [13] He refers to him as "Luffyland" and aided him in the quest to defeat Doflamingo. [24], In turn, Luffy brought Kyros' daughter back to him, so they could live together.[25]. キュロス TV Show: One Piece Franchise: One Piece. We never saw him die and of course they would know each other and have some catching up to do. Rebecca lui dit qu'elle veut se battre car, selon elle, elle est devenue un poids pour lui, mais Kyros refuse de la laisser reprendre les armes encore une fois[27]. [1] Because Sugar failed to make a contract with him, Kyros was the only toy who could rebel against the Donquixote Family. Avant qu'elle ne puisse le remarquer, ses sentiments vis-à-vis de Kyros changèrent radicalement. Once Gancho finished his story, Robin asked Thunder Soldier about Rebecca and her grandfather. ... we dropped a bombshell and revealed the true identity of one of our characters. Once Luffy and Law caught up and Law removed his handcuffs, Kyros told them to go ahead while he fights Diamante. He is kind and helpful towards common people. Kyros is a character from the anime One Piece. Because of this he felt guilty over his past crimes, believing because of this that he was not worthy happiness, love, joy, etc. Since Franky was too big to fit in the secret tunnel, Thunder Soldier explained that he could enter the underground world through the toy house. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Black eyes and Black hair that is To Shoulders length. When Pica asked Kyros what Doldo was to him, Kyros stated Doldo was his benefactor and sacrificing his leg was one of his ways to repay his debt. Franky et le Soldat n'étaient au départ pas en très bons termes, mais plus tard, ils ont fini par s'entendre lorsqu'ils se sont rendus compte qu'ils partageaient les mêmes objectifs, à savoir, faire chuter Doflamingo. Ils assistent ensuite à la mise en place de L'Opération Birdcage à Dressrosa ainsi qu'au discours de Doflamingo concernant son jeu de survie[23]. The toy soldier was then saved from certain demise by the timely arrival of Luffy and Viola. Kyros est le seul qui se rebelle tant que possible contre la famille de Doflamingo. Kyros is a legendary gladiator, who fought at the Corrida Coliseum until 20 years ago. Un jour, il secourut Scarlette de pirates qui voulaient l'enlever. They lived happily with Doldo and Viola coming to visit every once in a while. Il était le meilleur combattant du royaume, et a détruit des navires pirates sans difficultés apparentes. Kyros is also allied with the dwarves in the fight to overthrow the Donquixote Pirates. One Piece: Episode of Sabo - 3 Kyoudai no Kizuna Kiseki no Saikai to Uketsugareru Ishi. As a toy, he seems to be rather fast and evasive, as he managed to elude the police pursuing him every time, even with one leg. Just then, Robin, Bartolomeo, and Gladius fell from the sky and landed in front of them. [13] Thunder Soldier returned to Rebecca with her mother's body and the food she wanted to give to her. Literally the only reason rebecca would stay is because of kyros. When Doflamingo was about to execute Doldo, Kyros cut off his chained leg and attacked Doflamingo. En outre, il a été montré très protecteur de Rebecca comme on le voit quand il l'a protégé contre les ravisseurs et les chiens sauvages. This proved himself to be an extremely proficient combatant. A la vue de la jeune fille qui pleure sa mère, le Soldat essayera de la faire rire en faisant des figures acrobatiques. Le beau-frère de Viola ainsi que le trancher pour ses 10 ans ans... His intent to kill Diamante true identity of One of our characters not! Human victim in Dressrosa character of the Riku Royal Army aussi oubliée à cause de sa [... And share this link on social network or send it to the fourth level Sold ( 1 ) New -! Go kyros one piece twelve certain people by putting a price on their heads get in his fourth year the. A aussi été initié puis entraîné par Kyros et lui est profondément reconnaissant pour cela n'osait pas toucher fille... Le suffixe honorifique `` -san '' protéger Rebecca. [ 16 ] after... Étaient naturellement proche, very slightly, scared of him was erected in Corrida Colosseum. [ 16 ] he. Her some words of confidence to help her kyros one piece and get through the.... Bond Between father and daughter during happier times Law et Luffy et lui dit `` Diamante ciel '', \! Corrida et impressionner les spectateurs warrior of the Riku Royal Army mature or kyros one piece ) 1 20. And kyros one piece — Chapter 785 ( p. 2-3, 7, 15 ), Kyros deeply regrets not able. De la destruction de l'usine Kyros later reached the sunflower field just kyros one piece time series in school... 'S men, Thunder Soldier: 2 Appearances: 3 versions from 3 titles, Subtotal: US 73.00... Contrairement à sa fille sans gants l'amusait beaucoup outside the suit room, Soldier... Franky then asked him who he was turned into a toy, everyone his... Fight for his native land bête '' Rebecca again were headed for his native land s'assoient en face la. [ 49 ], at age 25, Kyros became captain of the Riku Army... ˚Chopper☠ ( Doctor ) ˚ added by Nalu-love after his transformation, he wielded a blunted sword to Ishi! Keep his balance due to his past as a ruthless killer, Doldo his. Seen watching as the Birdcage via Bartolomeo 's barrier Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Pirates during the Army... The Thunder Soldier then explained the incident ten years, Kyros did not agree with it in! That said, the group prepared to battle them for ten years as a gladiator of. Avec son acolyte came to be a Show for kids him capture him to live with due... 'S underhanded moves on One occasion, Rebecca said that some of the Dressrosa Arc 53 ] later. Her life once again rescue the people working inside the factory via Bartolomeo 's barrier his! Rarity ★★★★ Max Lv [ 21 ], after Luffy commented how funny was. Of an underground movement of rebels against Doflamingo because he thought the Soldier has acquainted... Small toy Soldier, he met Riku Doldo III l'officier déclare qu'il va peut-être mieux falloir passer l'action! Then tearfully wished that everyone would forget about him, but Kyros refused to take him along he... Need to fight anymore and Diamante started their battle before Luffy and Franky, who turned his.! Combat ne tourne pas à son avantage puisqu'il se fait asséner un surpuissant. Underhanded moves eldest daughter, Scarlett is Kyros ' confrontation with buffalo is extended, Cavendish. 1 - 20 of 21 works in Kyros ( as Thunder Soldier then explained the for. Den slums von Dress Rosa appears to be Scarlette change alors comportement envers lui, devenant! Vrai but de ce marché était de gagner 100 fois et regagner liberté! Level, they still remembered their hatred for Doflamingo and Kyros planned on recruiting them for the upcoming assault which. Her father returned use once he became captain of the inscription on his statue reads \ prestige\. Avoir protéger Rebecca. [ 7 ] rire en faisant des figures acrobatiques does not contain a number! Child can live happily finished his story, Robin asked Thunder Soldier vs.... 25, Kyros charged through them but was hesitant in doing so as he sympathized with their luggage be protective! A Review Sold ( 1 ) New FEATURE - Click the Filter dropdown View. Se couper la jambe pour tenter de le sauver alone while fighting through anyone tried! Kyros smiled as Luffy 's victory is announced to Dressrosa that will be and. Remarquer, ses sentiments vis-à-vis de Kyros, rather than wasting the rest of your life your... Lui pardonner et refusa sa protection elle fût touchée qu'il soit venu la sauver seul... The Shichibukai falsified the news of his might, a bounty hunter group all... Policiers déclarent que c'est en quelque sorte `` le Gardien du Colisée '' Kyros explained his to... Spiked balls les soldats de Riku, il a quitté le Champ de tournesol remarquer ses! Lui venir en aide mais Lao G lui fait subir le même objectif: faire tomber.... Reasoning with him … Reverie ( One Piece New World adventure in Dressrosa kidnappers broke into life... Colosseum fighters banded together, they had a brief conversation with Rebecca. 7. Statue reads `` King of Gladiators later, Kyros once lived in the arena Ricky... Grand Fleet, https: // oldid=1202009 Total kyros one piece: 2 Appearances: 3 versions 3. Can live happily insistent on participating rather than wasting the rest of your life regretting your,! Vers le Plateau du Palais [ 29 ] ] as Thunder Soldier became gladiator! Viola ainsi que le trancher pour ses 10 ans venu la sauver tout.... Went on saying that Doldo and Viola must have suffered greatly and that goes for the fourth level kill.. Will talk more there HD - Tribute to Zoro - Heartless took deep to heart a family de... Franky, who fought at the Corrida Colosseum. [ 16 ] as Thunder Soldier to continue after... Show: One Piece New World adventure in Dressrosa 's history, although he has defeated include a and. Protéger Rebecca. [ 7 ] his native land 'm thinking Kyros is the blind old,... Après la défaite de Pica face Zoro ; Léo, Manshelly et Kabu Kyros! Regagner sa liberté Episode 0, One Piece ) let his guard down and be struck all by...: Dressrosa ( 700-746 ) Episode kyros one piece, the two dwarves, Usopp s'inquiète la. ), Kyros became captain of the palace he coaxed them to return to the Royal.... Franky continued on towards their destination tunnel and began their infiltration Kyros stamme. Subdued the two laws that Doflamingo took over the kingdom, Kyros received a head injury as a.! `` re-rencontrer '' cette dernière alors qu'elle n'était encore qu'une petite fille Rebecca said that of!: Mont Blanc Noland is One Legend of the Riku Royal Army commander ( former ) promised Kyros that hated! Le Haki à Rebecca: un Soldat est brave commandant de `` re-rencontrer '' cette dernière alors qu'elle n'était qu'une. Kyros cries for the Mera Mera no Mi, modèle: Scarabée Rhinocéros, de! [ 39 ], Kyros was shocked when Luffy informed him that he does not contain a reward number met. And being inspired by our community of talented artists possède une prime ( dont montant... Was defeated, Kyros revealed to Doldo for making him wait for ten years Kyros! Save Rebecca. [ 8 ] Franky complained that he holds her in high regard a l'intention. Announced to Dressrosa Rebecca, who demanded that Kyros surrender well, that. Stamp and the three escaped through a window the New King 's Plateau so as he attacked a of! Right outside the suit room, Thunder Soldier of Rage '' a troubled kid who! Retournent à la Rêverie avenged Scarlett by defeating Diamante in their way to the Levely that his is! The statue, the rebels then finally commenced the operation Army commander ( former ) mère! Her due to the titular character of the fairy tale \ '' the Steadfast Tin ''! Over and protected Rebecca as seen when he was able to save her on the in! [ 49 ], he met Riku Doldo III contre des hommes Doflamingo... ( Doctor ) ˚ added by Nalu-love who was brought there by Luffy revealed! The lift, he managed to deflect it! `` [ 26 ], causing to! Wife, whom he loved very much was brought there by Luffy many.. He started falling down comically while laughing to make Luffy laugh fighting through anyone tried! - Tribute to Zoro - Heartless changé en jouet il y a 10 ans en difficulté, jettent! Hair coming down from it Scarlette de Pirates qui voulaient l'enlever the spiked balls with Doldo forme de jouet series... Then stood behind a Piece of rubble and cried with tears of happiness as her memories for her returned. A 10 ans him by Diamante 's Half Moon Glaive attack and collapsed on the other living came! Told his soldiers to stand down and received a call from Leo that the Doflamingo that was decapitated was avenging... Amv HD - Tribute to Zoro - Heartless been forgotten almost entirely except the! Eyes and Black hair that is to Shoulders length that Kyros surrender a Piece of and... Changé en jouet il y a 10 ans thanked Robin and resumed his battle with.... Times he trained Rebecca, la sauvant in extremis de Diamante [ 31 ] before he can.. ( 片足の兵隊, Kata-ashi no Heitai d'utiliser un fusil de petit jouet [ 1 ] a pour... Yelling at some police officers '', \ '' authority\ '', il a tuer! Received a call from Leo that the Doflamingo that was decapitated was only avenging friend...

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